Living for the weekend? Or for the future?

Living for the weekend - JayBeaVisionI’m beginning this blog with a very common method in which people live their lives in modern society.

Living for the weekend.

In many ways this kind of lifestyle is brilliant! You work all week doing what you need to do to gain the freedom you need to enjoy yourself at the weekend, whether that be hitting the bars with your friends, travelling to a seaside location nearby to appreciate the scenery you don’t have at home or simply just lying on the sofa eating junk food and watching TV.

However, if you read the way in which the above section is written, it has a very short glance at the working part of someone’s life (typically Monday – Friday). Yet in more detail are the more exciting weekend activities in which the vast majority of people spend their lives looking forward to, often saying things such as “I can’t wait for this week to be over” or “Is it Friday yet?”.

This is the point I am making, a huge amount of people in modern society spend their whole lives skipping over their Monday – Friday or working week period looking forward to the weekend, with all their mental focus and excitement aimed towards a Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday of freedom. The majority of people are therefore barely even acknowledging the larger portion of their week (and therefore their life) because they are spending all of their positive thoughts and excitement on the smaller two-and-a-bit portion of their week.

For the vast majority of us there are:

261 Working Days in a Year
1,305 Working Days in 5 Years
2,610 Working Days in 10 Years
13,050 Working Days in 50 Years

Those numbers, if you’re ‘Living for the weekend’ are the days spent thinking ‘I can’t wait to be doing what I’m not doing right now’. Let’s say you’re reading this blog at age 20, can you imagine the scary thought you would have if at age 70 you know full well that due to the way you fast forwarded through life; you’ve missed out on 13,050 days.

This isn’t a post saying quit your job and party 24/7 by the way, that’s not quite what I’m getting at. What I am saying is this; Why spend your whole life fast forwarding and looking forward when you can be in the here and now. Decide your goals for life, starting from the bottom up, first of all the weeks goals. Then move onto your goals for the month. Then your year and so on. Your goals may even be to not be in your current Monday – Friday 9-5 job, then make it so. Rather than looking forward, work forward.
You will still have to go about your daily business of dealing with school, college, university or your job with the larger amount of free time to yourself at the weekends of course. However, with that free time make your goals come to life. Spend a portion of your free time every day working towards your goals, whether that be going to the gym to become fitter and healthier, or using that time to reconnect with a loved one who you’ve grown distant from.

Whatever your goal and time frame may be, work towards it one step at a time every day wherever you can, You may even be able to do it during work or your studies just by applying yourself that bit more because you know at the end you’re going to get that effort out of the other side in the form of the goals you have set and that you’ve strived towards.

Once you’ve adopted a way of life of being in the moment, working towards the future you feel positive in that moment. As human beings we feel great when we’re accomplishing things and progressing, therefore by broadening your vision past the weekend and into what really does matter to you years and years down the line, the moments here and now become evermore satisfying.

Live for the Future.


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