‘The Altruism Revolution’ and why you should explore ‘Altruism’

Altruism – disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Before discovering this documentary on Amazon Prime I had no idea what Altruism was or what the Altruism movement or ‘revolution’ was. As you read above, Altruism is the disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. It is common belief that humans are naturally programmed to progress by being selfish in a world where ‘dog-eat-dog’ is the believed motto of success; This documentary explains why and how humans are wired to actually feel empathy, cooperate and work to help one another when it matters.

If you are interested in Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, evolution or Mindfulness I strongly recommend giving it a watch as it is fascinating. I personally watched it because I have become increasingly interested and fascinated by psychology in particular recently, I have also been growingly curious on the concept and practice of Mindfulness so the series as well as its five-star review seemed appealing to me.

The documentary explores the ways in which scientists, psychologists and other field experts are experimenting and researching the way in which humans are wired to help one another and feel empathy, as opposed to the previous theories where it was believed that humans embraced a more ‘dog-eat-dog’ approach to life and success. They begin by experimenting on babies and children then move on to apes to see results from beings that won’t or are least likely to have any other form of motive to their actions.
The documentary then delves into how this natural instinct of empathy and helping one another could be implemented into day-to-day life, showing that meditation and mindfulness practices help bring people forward into a new age of helpful, empathizing and cooperative nature. It shows current studies, experiments and real implementation of this in areas such as primary education in troubled neighbourhoods and high stress jobs where it is essential that all of these traits exist for the future of our children and for a better functioning society.

As I was watching the documentary I started to think about how this could be such a massive step into a brighter future for mankind.
As you know anti-bullying campaigns have existed in schools and workplaces for years, it wouldn’t have always been this way. This would have been thought up, researched and implemented for optimum results, allowing for learning to take place more efficiently and for the workplace to be a more positive and cooperative environment.
What if Altruism eventually became just as mainstream and widespread?

If and when (I think personally) this happens, we will be entering into a new society which could potentially cooperate more, empathise with one another better and deal with our own individual problems and others’ problems better allowing mankind to progress profoundly. In my opinion, If this is taught regularly and correctly in schools and workplaces it genuinely could revolutionise the way in which we think and work as a  species.

If you’re interested in watching the documentary I will provide a link below, I cannot recommend it enough.



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