Command your brain to work for you!


Whether your dreams and goals are big or small, the key to achieving your goals is having your mind work for you! How many times have you thought about doing something but your thoughts have held you back? It’s time to change that.

The first step for you to have your brain and it’s thoughts work for you funnily enough is precisely that, the First Step.
You will already be thinking about what it is that you want to achieve, no matter how big or small, now act on it. Think of the first easiest most obvious step you can take in the right direction to get you on track to success. If you’re wanting to become fitter and healthier, research your local gyms or start analysing your current habits and begin to consider how you can alter them for the better. If you’re wanting to go on more dates and want to meet someone new, research dating websites, apps or go out and put yourself into social situations that will enhance your chances! Just take the First Step.

Now by being told that all you have to do at first is take the first step, you may be thinking that it’s obvious and somewhat patronising. However, there is actual science behind this. Neuroscientists have actually proven that just by taking any initial step to achieve your goal, you actually command your brain to then keep a look out for anything relevant in your life that can help you along the way. As you take more and more progressive steps your brain begins to listen out for and seek helpful material in life that will benefit you, this could be in a conversation, the title of a book, an advertisement, anything that is relevant to your goals! So before thinking your way out of it and allowing your ambition to intimidate you, take that step and begin the pursuit.

Taking the First Step has a similar effect on the brain as your finger jabbing away at people’s faces on a smartphone camera before you take a picture. When you do this your phone begins to actively look for faces to focus on before taking the photo for optimum results, your brain is the same. As you think about your goals and what you aspire to achieve, along with an active step towards those goals you command your brain to actively search out helpful ‘faces’ to add to your life photo. As you continue stepping a little at a time towards those goals your brain continues to actively seek out helpful material. Take that step whatever it may be.

Another key component to goal achievement is your Beliefs. To fully realise your beliefs I would once again, recommend mindful practice and meditation. Allowing yourself time for reflection and to be in the moment with your thoughts is key. This is also the key component to change your beliefs.
Your beliefs are very similar to the components within a computer. To optimize its performance you can simply swap out its inner working parts to improve it’s memory, graphics and storage space. To enable you to progress forward towards those goals you need to swap out your initial negative beliefs, if you have any.
Reflect on those negative beliefs, explore them and find their flaws. Think of what you want to achieve, the realistic steps you can take to get their and believe you can. By believing you can and finding evidence that you can in the steps you can take, you alter your beliefs to then work for you and not against you.
By taking this time of reflection away from the real world, you allow your brain time to explore what your reality actually is. The chances are when regularly putting this into practice, you will see that your reality seems far more straight forward, your problems are simplified, as are the solutions and the same goes for your goals and active steps towards them.

Another very useful tool is Mantras. Mantras are short sentences or phrases that you say to yourself when alone. Taking the time out to do this provides time again similar to taking your First Step, to command your brain to work for you. Your mantra doesn’t need to be long-winded, it just needs to be specific to your goal and used often. For example if your goal was to improve your physical fitness yours could be something along the lines of:

“I feel fitter, I feel healthier and I look great”

Whilst repeating your mantra to yourself in-vision how you would be making yourself feel fitter, feel healthier and looking great. In this case it could be working out in the gym, going for runs regularly or attending local fitness classes and boot camps. This makes those actions become imbedded within your mind, these are the actions that you have to carry out to achieve the feeling you express within your mantra. Your brain is once again commanded to keep a look out for anything of benefit to you to help you along the way, whether that be in a Facebook Ad you scroll past, a blog post, a book or anything!

Take one step at a time and your brain will follow.

‘The Altruism Revolution’ and why you should explore ‘Altruism’

Altruism – disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.

Before discovering this documentary on Amazon Prime I had no idea what Altruism was or what the Altruism movement or ‘revolution’ was. As you read above, Altruism is the disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others. It is common belief that humans are naturally programmed to progress by being selfish in a world where ‘dog-eat-dog’ is the believed motto of success; This documentary explains why and how humans are wired to actually feel empathy, cooperate and work to help one another when it matters.

If you are interested in Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, evolution or Mindfulness I strongly recommend giving it a watch as it is fascinating. I personally watched it because I have become increasingly interested and fascinated by psychology in particular recently, I have also been growingly curious on the concept and practice of Mindfulness so the series as well as its five-star review seemed appealing to me.

The documentary explores the ways in which scientists, psychologists and other field experts are experimenting and researching the way in which humans are wired to help one another and feel empathy, as opposed to the previous theories where it was believed that humans embraced a more ‘dog-eat-dog’ approach to life and success. They begin by experimenting on babies and children then move on to apes to see results from beings that won’t or are least likely to have any other form of motive to their actions.
The documentary then delves into how this natural instinct of empathy and helping one another could be implemented into day-to-day life, showing that meditation and mindfulness practices help bring people forward into a new age of helpful, empathizing and cooperative nature. It shows current studies, experiments and real implementation of this in areas such as primary education in troubled neighbourhoods and high stress jobs where it is essential that all of these traits exist for the future of our children and for a better functioning society.

As I was watching the documentary I started to think about how this could be such a massive step into a brighter future for mankind.
As you know anti-bullying campaigns have existed in schools and workplaces for years, it wouldn’t have always been this way. This would have been thought up, researched and implemented for optimum results, allowing for learning to take place more efficiently and for the workplace to be a more positive and cooperative environment.
What if Altruism eventually became just as mainstream and widespread?

If and when (I think personally) this happens, we will be entering into a new society which could potentially cooperate more, empathise with one another better and deal with our own individual problems and others’ problems better allowing mankind to progress profoundly. In my opinion, If this is taught regularly and correctly in schools and workplaces it genuinely could revolutionise the way in which we think and work as a  species.

If you’re interested in watching the documentary I will provide a link below, I cannot recommend it enough.